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What Is an Escape Room?


Assemble your team

Gather a team of 2-6 people; friends, family, colleagues or even a date, and book a game online today.

Enter a themed Room

Your team will be given a full brief explaining the dos and don’ts and what to look out for. Then you will be placed in a room full of puzzles and tasks to complete within the time limit of the game.

Ask for clues

At any point during the game you can ask for some assistance which can be sent in to aid you on your journey.

Find the Solution

Solve the puzzles which will unlock new challenges. Once you have solved enough and progressed through the story you may have choices to make to impact the end of the journey.

Escape the Room!

Before the end of the game you will need to escape the room and bring yourself back to reality!


At the conclusion of your game you will be given a full debrief about your game and anything you may have missed while you were playing. You will also have a chance to ask any questions you have about the room with your games-master.

Who are our games for?

Our games are for anyone over the age of 8 although under 16 year olds do need to be accompanied by an adult. This activity is ideal for families, friends, work team building exercises, students or keen gamers looking to test their skills and try to put their names on top of our leader boards. You do not need to be physically fit or a super genius as everything you need to solve the puzzles is in the room. You just need to join the dots together to be successful.

Our Rooms

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The Wexell Fellowship, a highly powerful organisation in Victorian England, has been funding the research of Dr Henry Jekyll. Jekyll has successfully created a formula to separate the good and evil parts of a personality, but has his research gone too far? Recently it seems that Jekyll has not been himself… The Wexell Fellowship cordially invites your team of expert investigators to seek out the truth and help Jekyll complete his assignment. However, will you find more than you bargain for as you’re ushered into Jekyll’s home? After all, appearances can be deceiving…



Great for escapers that want a little more immersive story and twists from their rooms, and would rather not be physically restrained. Suitable for first time escapers.

Houdini’s Workshop

The amazing Houdini’s marvellous collection of wonders that will leave you mesmerized: Take a visit to the lost testing room of Harry Houdini, Wexell’s former employee and head of ‘befuddlement’ (a job title retired with the late Houdini’s passing). You and your team are taken on a tour of the workshop and are given the opportunity to test yourself against the great man’s skill.



This is ideal for smaller teams, those that want a little something different, or nervous ‘escapers’; there’s nothing in this room that should scare you, but beware, not everything is as straight forward as it first looks and participants may start their games physically restrained.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Assist Dr Jekyll in finishing his formula before Mr Hyde takes over.

Houdini’s Workshop

Escape the lost testing room of Harry Houdini – Ideal for escapers looking for something a little more physical