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Why come to Deadlocked Escape Rooms for corporate team building?


Imagine being locked in a room with your colleagues, having to work together and utilise everyone’s diverse skills to overcome an exciting and dramatic challenge. What better way of bringing a team together, improving interpersonal relationships and having a lot of fun in the process? Escape Rooms are an increasingly popular pass time, focused on giving guests memorable experiences, real feelings of achievement and success, and designed to ensure that only by working together can you succeed. These kinds of experiences are invaluable to companies looking for a new and unique team building exercise that will excite colleagues at the prospect of taking part far beyond that of a standard ‘team building’ experience. We are also trialling a new two hour experience for large groups at no extra cost, to get more for your money. Get in touch to find out more.


What is an escape room?


You and your team will be locked in a themed room with an hour to discover your mission, solve puzzles and scavenge items to ultimately be able to escape the room. As the 60 minutes tick away and the stakes are raised, only by thinking outside the box and working together will you be able to succeed. Think ‘The Crystal Maze’, but everyone playing at the same time, and with an hour in a room rather than just 3 minutes.


What happens when I arrive?


When your group is all gathered together you will receive a short briefing to explain the rules of the game and how it all works.



  • Your group will be split into teams of up to 6 players. Each team will tackle a different room.
  • Each room has a different theme, story and set of challenges.
  • The team will be challenged with logic, physical, skill, mystery, observation and many more types of puzzles to solve, all within 60 minutes.
  • After the event, our experienced games masters will explain anything you missed, things you did well and recap some of the best moments of your games.



Your Ideal Experience


We can offer a wide range of experiences depending on your exact preferences. Some groups just want to turn up, play our games and head off to the nearest pub, but if you have special requests just ask.


Accommodating very large groups is possible too; contact us to discuss your requirements and we can give you some options to decide between, including a two hour experience for the same price as a one hour escape room that we are currently trialling.


The unique environment of an Escape Room allows groups of people to interact in different ways, bonding as a team, thinking critically, and having fun overcoming a challenge. We think there is no better Corporate Team Building activity out there.




Contact Deadlocked now


If you’re looking for a unique team building experience that will bring your team closer together, reinvigorate them, and leave them reminiscing about it for years to come, then you’ve come to the right place.


We can arrange your event from start to finish, including deals we have with other local businesses if you wish to include dining/drinks with your booking.


Simply contact us with your requirements and we’ll work to create a tailor made experience for you.