Our Rooms


These were our rooms at Deadlocked Northampton. Descriptions left here for posterity. Meanwhile, do check out our other venues or award winning Escape At Home games!

Houdini’s Workshop

The amazing Houdini’s marvellous collection of wonders that will leave you mesmerized: Take a visit to the lost testing room of Harry Houdini, Wexell’s former employee and head of ‘befuddlement’ (a job title retired with the late Houdini’s passing). You and your team are taken on a tour of the workshop and are given the opportunity to test yourself against the great man’s skill.


This is ideal for smaller teams, those that want a little something different or nervous ‘escapers’; there’s nothing in this room that should scare you, but beware, not everything is as straight forward as it first looks and participants may start their games physically restrained.

Jekyll and Hyde

Dr Jekyll has been using experimental formulas on himself that have a strange and potent effect on his mental state. Upon visiting his laboratory will you discover if the rumours of a darker side to him, known as Mr Hyde are true, and if so, can you escape from falling into the same traps he did?


Great for escapers that want a little more immersive story and twists from their rooms, and would rather not be physically restrained. Suitable for first time ‘escapers’.