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What is an Escape Room?

An Escape Room is a form of entertainment like no other. You and a group of friends/colleagues/family members or even just you and a date are ‘locked’ in a themed room and must use your wits, teamwork, and communication skills, to complete objectives and solve puzzles to escape within the hour.


What happens if we fail?

We’ll let you out, if that’s what you’re asking. We put a heavy emphasis on narrative at Deadlocked, so you’ll probably just experience a different ‘ending’, and come out with a complete experience and an explanation on how you could have succeeded.


Is it possible to play a room more than once?

We think that the fun of an escape room is in discovering the secrets for the first time, so we plan to change our rooms regularly to allow you to experience new ones if you want to come back. We can also recommend other local rooms that we have had great times in too. That said, if you want to bring a first date to a room you’ve tried before, in order to appear super-intelligent, we’ll keep your secret!


Who can be in my team?

The experience is designed to challenge a team of people, so we recommend teams of 2-6 people and a minimum age of 8 (though anyone under 16 should be accompanied by an adult).


Can I add someone else to my booking later on?

As long as your team size doesn’t go above our recommended maximums (generally 6 players) then feel free to bring them along on the day. We can take cash/card payment on site. Anything beyond that and it’s worth getting in touch.


What if I have a group of people larger than your recommended numbers?

We have special options for corporate or large groups, and can accommodate many more people if you’d like a special event. More information on our options can be found on our Corporate page, or, failing that, get in touch through our ‘contact us’ page, and we’ll create a package tailored to your needs.


What do I need to know before entering the room?

Our rooms are designed to require no previous knowledge. You won’t have any disadvantage for not knowing that John McDonell is the current Shadow Chancellor or that Blackburn won the Premiere League in 1995.


Is it scary?

All of our rooms are designed to be atmospheric, but currently we do not have any ‘horror’ rooms.


What if there’s a fire? How do we get out?

Our rooms are designed so that in the event of a fire, you will be able to simply walk out of the room.


What happens if we have to cancel our booking?

We know that unavoidable situations occur sometimes that make you unable to attend. We ask that you give us at least 24 hours notice to change your booking.


What are the ‘rules’ for your rooms?

We don’t allow food or drink in our rooms, for obvious reasons. We ask that you don’t take photos or videos within the room, since we don’t want our puzzles spoiled for future participants (and they might then beat you on our leaderboards), and you won’t ever need to use your phone/the internet for game related purposes. We do take a photo of each team afterwards for you to boast with.


How do I find Deadlocked Escape Rooms?

We are located in central Loughborough – 2a Granby Street, LE11 3DW – Walk down Granby Street and you should see a Deadlocked sign on the wall with a doorbell. We don’t have a downstairs reception area, so simply ring that bell and we’ll rush downstairs to let you in.


How do you ensure visiting your rooms is safe?

We leave plenty of space between all of our time slots to give us time to fully sanitise the props, surfaces and anything that people can touch in our escape rooms, as per medical recommendations, so there is minimal risk of becoming ill from one of our rooms. If you have any further questions about the risks of visiting an Escape Room, please do get in touch.


What is your cancellation policy?

Much like other theatrical experiences (such as booking seats at the theatre) we aren’t normally able to give refunds, as your slot is reserved privately for your team. Given enough notice, so that we are able to resell your slot (more than 48 hours notice), we are happy to cancel your booking with a small cancellation fee, or reschedule or issue you a gift voucher for the full amount to play with us later.


What about if…

Haven’t you asked enough questions? If there’s something else, please feel free to email us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


Tell us about your friends

Oh alright then. We love to shout out some of our favourite brands and companies that our friends are part of. Currently we’re big fans of Calibre Magazine – so you should certainly check them out if you have the time and inclination to eat food, enjoy travel or just enjoy general lifestyle content. Also, they’ve been a big part of helping Deadlocked branch out to our online games, so if you’ve enjoyed one of those, you should thank them too.