Covid-19 Guidelines

We have been working hard to make some changes at Deadlocked, to help us run games as safely as possible, including leaving more time in between games to clean the rooms, only running one game in the building at once, removing all non-essential props (and sadly, costumes), and for the meantime, switching our lively in-person briefings that we are famous for, to some fun video messages that we’re creating to minimise our contact with you where we don’t have large waiting areas.
We might not get it perfect right away, so please do bear with us, and in the meantime here are the ways we need your cooperation:

-Please arrive exactly at your booked time, and arrive ready to play.
-Please only book to play with your chosen social bubble, and please all arrive together. If your whole team hasn’t arrived, we cannot admit you until they have, to minimize waiting in the corridor.
-If you are playing the game ‘The Magic of New Orleans’ in Loughborough, you would normally be asked to wear a blindfold for the start of the game. During this time, we have gone BYOB! Please bring your own blindfold- an eyemask, a scarf or bandana will do.
-It is now no longer a legal requirement to wear a mask within the premises, however our staff will wear one at all time to protect you, and ask that you wear one while you are in your briefing/debriefing to protect our staff. Feel free to remove them in the room.
-We ask that you use sanitizing hand gel before, and after your game. We have a limited supply of this, and of course we want you to use it, however obviously it helps us tremendously if you have your own to use during the game.
-Please try to avoid touching your face!
-If you have any symptoms whatsoever, please tell us as soon as you can. We will not charge a rescheduling fee, as long as you let us know by 10am on the day of your booking.
-Please minimize the amount of belongings you bring into our building. Drinks will not be permitted inside the room.
-We may have removed our costumes – but feel free to wear your own! Dress for the theme of the game you are playing – intrepid explorer, scientist, or time traveller – or a combination!

Thank you so much for cooperating with us at this really very weird time. We cannot wait to get back to normal but for the moment, we will try and have as much fun as we can, as safely as we can!