Our Rooms


The Phoenix Research

Professor Bradley Samwell, the quirky head of research at the Wexell Corporation, has gone missing. His bizarre disappearance coincides with the completion of some rather questionable, but valuable research on a project called ‘Phoenix’. The Wexell Corporation has asked your team, with your very specific set of skills, to investigate the missing employee and retrieve the research before the lawyers and police get involved. But what if there is more to this research, and this company than lies on the surface? Will you complete your task for Wexell or uncover a deeper conspiracy?


Great for nervous ‘escapers’ and beginners; there’s nothing in this room that should scare you, and multiple endings mean that beginners and experts alike will find the room suited to their skills.

The Testing Chamber

The Wexell Corporation has developed an artificial intelligence, designed to create bespoke escape rooms that adapt to the competency of the players in real time. This exciting technology of tomorrow is not yet ready for widespread use, but this is your opportunity to get a sneak peek and apply to Wexell to become a beta-tester. You will be tasked with testing the system to it’s limits and provide feedback about how to improve it for the future; that is, as long as nothing goes wrong in the process.


Great for escapers that want a little more immersive story and humour from their rooms. Also, fans of Portal!