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How does it work?

Our escape at home experiences are a new type of multi-media Escape Room adventure where you can play with your team at home, across the internet (for example using Skype or Zoom) or even solo.


Unlock files and documents

Print them in the comfort of your own home – some of which you’ll need to manipulate and experiment with. The games can be completed without printing, but the experience of ‘The Insiders’ is certainly better if you have access to a printer. ‘The Cyphstress’ requires no printing to complete..


Scour the internet for clues


Interact with characters, hunt through social media and custom websites in order to break the codes and achieve your objectives.


Interact with custom interfaces


Custom built interactive interfaces and puzzles that can only be defeated with all other aspects of the game. Some sections of the game require a desktop/laptop to get the full experience.

Our games

Made in ‘collabeeration’ with our (genuinely) favourite brewery, Siren Craft Brew, ‘The Cyphstress‘ is our newest epic alternative reality virtual online narrative escape adventure set around the mythological Sirens.


Assemble your best team or play solo to navigate through the epic custom interfaces, using internet stalking across social media to hunt down our hero and join him in answering the Siren’s Call and brewing up a legendary beer, based upon an ancient recipe.


To play ‘The Cyphstress’ you’ll need a desktop/laptop, at least one member of the team will need the usual free social media accounts, sound on, and we recommend your favourite Siren beer to keep you hydrated.


The game is just £10 for your whole team and includes two 90-minute chapters to keep you occupied – once you’ve finished the first one, the next will be automatically sent to you after a 24 hour gap for you to play when you are ready, or if you prefer, you can trigger it to come immediately after the first (for the truly hardcore).


Siren have even put together an exclusive special mixed case of our favourite beers which can be bought with the game, (including a unique bubbly brut beer to celebrate your victory with) if you want to know what we’d recommend.


Siren is new to selling digital products, so bear with them, and check our Cyphstress FAQ below if you run into any issues, but we genuinely think this is the best thing we’ve ever made, so we hope you love it!


“The Cyphstress is a work of art, with beautiful design, clever and complex puzzles, a strong narrative, all subtly blended with the mythology behind Siren Craft Brew.”

Review The Room (*****)


The Wexell Corporation has a problem right now. There’s a mole in the company, working against us with some very sensitive information and we need YOU to find out who’s been sneaking around where they shouldn’t.
Go solo or gather your closest confidants to take down THE INSIDERS before they go world-wide.


The Insiders is a unique, play-at-home escape room spanning across multiple days, and 3 ‘episodes’ of approximately 90 minutes each. Story-heavy, immersive, with oodles of challenging content, designed by us to keep you playing for hours at a time!

Your adventure begins with a cryptic message within your confirmation email, as soon as you purchase, and whilst we do usually allow 3 days in between each episode to allow for a break, if you want to ‘binge’ it just like your favourite show, we’re not gonna judge you. Just let us know when you start your adventure that you’d like to play all episodes straight through!

The £10 cost of The Insiders includes all three episodes and it is now your chance -nay your duty – to uncover

The Insiders


‘The Insiders is a high quality, impressive instance of this new type of game.’


-Escape The Review

‘The closest we’ve come to a true escape room experience at home.’

-Review The Room


We know that not all escape room owners have the resources to create a kit like The Insiders right now which is why we are offering as a franchisable product. You sell it and we run it. We at Deadlocked (James and Charlie) will happily run it for you, GM-ing it each day, until you reopen your doors and start doing what we all love doing best – running live escape rooms. Get in touch with us to find out more.

The Insiders – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

When you purchase the game, by buying ‘The Insiders’ on our gift voucher page. You’ll get a confirmation email – in there will be a secret message from a character working for the monolithic ‘Wexell’ Corporation who should give you a good starting point.

What is the password for the files?

You may be wondering how to unlock the files that you were given to download so that you can start the game. In fact, the game has already started! Finding the password is your first challenge. Have another read of your initial email and it might give you a starting point.

Is there a time limit? When can I start it?

The Insiders is completely self-contained, so you will be able to start it, pause your game, and complete it whenever you are ready.

How many people can play?

We reckon teams of between 2-6 players will have the best experience, generally being the best with 4 players. We suggest that any more than 6 players should split into multiple teams, buying a copy per team and try to race to see who can complete each chapter the fastest.

Do I have to buy one copy per person?

No – The cost is for your entire team. Simply share the initial message with your team when you’re ready to begin and you’ll all have access to everything. However, there are a couple of moments in the game where you’ll have to get in touch with a character within the game. We do recommend though that the person that bought the game is the one to contact the character, as your name/email will be on our system and it will avoid delays in your game continuing. Because we run the games ourselves, with interactivity and answering messages and emails for clues, we do ask that you buy a copy for every team; especially since it’s our only source of income at the present time!

So how do I binge the whole game in one?

We do recommend giving yourself some breaks, because there is a lot of content in The Insiders, but at the end of each chapter, you’ll be given the choice whether you continue immediately, or take the recommended break. If you choose to continue, then want a break after all, that’s no problem. The rest of the game will be waiting for you when you’re ready to continue.

Have I been hacked?

Fear not, the message about hacking into your email is part of our game – it’s our immersive start meant to explain why someone has picked you and your team to help with the situation.

Do I need a printer?

The game is best played with a printer, and although it is solvable without one, it will require some very good spatial awareness, and certainly increases the challenge beyond what we’ve designed. You will unlock documents through the course of the game, but if you’d like to get the 16 pages printed in advance, just get in touch and we can send all pages to you beforehand – that way you could get it printed elsewhere; work, a friend or an online printing service like our friends at (for under £5), and only look at the pages when you discover them ‘in-game’.

Can I print it all in advance?

Absolutely. Once you make your purchase, you will receive your starting point for the game which also gives you a link to the files to download. While you will normally unlock these gradually during the game, there is an option on the files page to download it all in advance, but don’t sneak a peek at anything until you find it ‘in game’.

The Cyphstress – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy this from overseas?

Absolutely. Siren is used to only selling beer within the UK, so are working on various bugs that stop you putting in overseas addresses. The solution (think of it as the first puzzle) is to choose ‘Collect from Brewery’ as your delivery address, and if it doesn’t update properly, browse out of the cart and back in and it should let you continue. If your billing address isn’t accepted either, try paying using PayPal or another service like Google Pay or Apple Pay. If this STILL doesn’t work, just get in touch with us – [email protected] and we’ll give you an alternative.

Can I play this with other households?

Absolutely. Your code will work to let everyone in, assuming you all start within a few minutes of each other, and we recommend you connect using your favourite online video conferencing service and solve the game together. It will be quite a challenge.

Is there a hint page?

No! We’ve tried to make this game incredibly narratively propelled, so your assistance will be given by characters that you find and interact with during the game. If you’re truly stuck and what the characters say doesn’t make sense to you, feel free to get in touch with us either by email at [email protected] or finding us through Facebook messenger and we’ll get you back on track.

What do I need to play The Cyphstress?

While the game should work on most phones/tablets, some sections are absolutely not designed to be played like that, and you may come across bugs that we weren’t expecting. We recommend, for the best playing experience that you play on a desktop/laptop, with the sound on (although subtitles are available if needed) and a pen/paper to hand to make notes with. You will need to contact characters through social media too, so at least one member of the team will need the usual free social media accounts. Fear not, you don’t have to put your real personal information in when signing up.

Do I need a printer?

No. We have designed this game to be entirely print free. While certain things can be printed, and you may find it easier to do so at certain points, nothing requires it. We do recommend having a notepad nearby though, to copy things down where necessary.

How many people can play?

We recommend playing the game with 1-6 players. Any more than that, especially over video chat, can get confusing with too many people talking at once, so we think it’s better to split into multiple teams and race each other! We have designed the game to be played solo (and that is definitely a challenge), but our ideal team size is 2-4 players.

Is there a time limit or schedule to play?

Not at all. You can pick up the game and play it at your own pace, pausing for as long as you like before returning to it. Sometimes Siren’s email system can take up to 24 hours to send game-codes through though, so we recommend buying it in advance to avoid disappointment. At worst though, get in touch with us over Facebook messenger and we can manually look up your code and give it straight to you, to get you playing immediately.

Deadlocked’s Escape At Home games are digital products, and once purchased you will have access to the entire game. Because we cannot see whether or not you have started/played the games, we cannot give refunds on our Escape At Home products.

More games coming soon