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The Time Machine


The Wexell Corporation have designed a Time Machine, but unfortunately the first group to head into it never returned. Their actions have left rifts in time, altering history and the future in ways that we cannot fathom. The only way to save the world as we know it is to fix the Time Machine, but you’ll only have one minute to do so. If you fail, the machine will need to charge up before you can try again. Your only help is a small friendly robot called Wexie, and the Time Machine herself, who will try to spit you out in different timezones to try to teach you how to fix her.


A 90 minute adventure suitable for those that want to savour an experience, and fans of Doctor Who and sci-fi will love this.

The Outsiders

Coming soon to Reading - More than a puzzle hunt. Explore Reading by foot and interact with puzzles, physical and digital while hunting down the identity of the mole within The Wexell Corporation. Experience a true branching story where your decisions have consequences, leading you to different puzzles and locations.


Great for those who would rather not be 'locked' in a room, but still want the immersive style that Deadlocked is known for.

The Reading Witch

Unlock the mysteries of the legend that is The Reading Witch

Join a team of TV investigators to explore the ominous woods where the mysterious Reading Witch is said to have resided. Unusual noises and ritualistic chanting has been heard nearby yet no-one has ever returned from the cabin. Can you debunk the rumours or will you fall foul to the witch yourselves?


A 90 minute horror game with live actors, great for brave adventurers that want a full experience that you'll be talking about for years to come. Also available in 'non scary' 60 minute version without actors.