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What is an Escape Room?


Assemble your team

Gather a team of 2-6 people; friends, family, colleagues or even a date, and book a game online today.

Enter a themed Room

Your team will be given a full brief explaining the dos and don’ts and what to look out for. Then you will be placed in a room full of puzzles and tasks to complete within the time limit of the game.

Ask for clues

At any point during the game you can ask for some assistance which can be sent in to aid you on your journey, though our in-game characters may nudge you if you’re completely off track.

Find the Solution

Solve the puzzles which will unlock new challenges. Once you have solved enough and progressed through the story you may have choices to make to impact the end of the journey.

Escape the Room!

Before the end of the game you will need to escape the room and bring yourself back to reality!


At the conclusion of your game you will be given a full debrief about your game and anything you may have missed while you were playing. You will also have a chance to ask any questions you have about the room with your games-master.

Who are our games for?


Our games are for anyone over the age of 8 although under 16 year olds do need to be accompanied by an adult. This activity is ideal for families, friends, work team building exercises, students or keen gamers looking to test their skills and try to put their names on top of our leader boards. You do not need to be physically fit or a super genius as everything you need to solve the puzzles is in the room. You just need to join the dots together to be successful.

Our Rooms


The Time Machine

The Wexell Corporation have designed a Time Machine, but unfortunately the first group to head into it never returned. Their actions have left rifts in time, altering history and the future in ways that we cannot fathom. The only way to save the world as we know it is to fix the Time Machine, but you’ll only have one minute to do so. If you fail, the machine will need to charge up before you can try again. Your only help is a small friendly robot called Wexie, and the Time Machine herself, who will try to spit you out in different timezones to try to teach you how to fix her.


A 90 minute adventure suitable for those that want to savour an experience, and fans of Doctor Who and sci-fi will love this.

The Phoenix Research

A Sherlock-esque investigation into Professor Bradley Samwell, who has gone missing. His bizarre disappearance coincides with the completion of some rather questionable, but valuable research on a project called ‘Phoenix’. The Wexell Corporation has asked your team, with your very specific set of skills, to investigate the missing employee and retrieve the research. But what if there is more to this research, and this company than lies on the surface?


Great for nervous ‘escapers’ and beginners; there’s nothing in this room that should scare you, and multiple endings mean that beginners and experts alike will find the room suited to their skills.

The Testing Chamber

Defeat the rogue AI before she can take over the entire room.

The Wexell Corporation has developed an artificial intelligence, designed to create bespoke escape rooms. This exciting technology of tomorrow is not yet ready for widespread use, because of… incidents in previous tests. You will be tasked with testing the system to it’s limits and defeating whatever the AI throws at you; that is, as long as nothing goes wrong in the process..


A challenging room, great for escapers that want a little more immersive story, ‘experience’ and humour from their rooms. Also, fans of Portal!

The Time Machine

A 90 minute experience. Save the universe one world at a time.

The Phoenix Research

Investigate the professor, recover his research and make the ultimate decision.

The Testing Chamber

Defeat the rogue AI before she can take over the entire room..